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The Be Bold Series helps you push beyond burnout and feeling stuck to discover vigor and achievement. Learn and apply The Resilience Framework™.

Be Bold Series


Tell Your Resilient Story invites self awareness—key to emotional intelligence and personal growth. When you own your story, you own your life.  

Tell Your Resilient Story

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Book a coaching session to meet your individual needs and goals. Get the attention and motivation to move forward. 

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Live online trainings for groups or individuals. Benefit from real-time customized coaching.

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Experience select courses in the Be Bold and Tell Your Resilient Story series. Go at your own pace. Take control of your story today! 

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On Your Own

My Approach

I show thousands of executives, leaders, and aspiring individuals how to rise above adversity toward the path of resilience and growth. 
Everything in my lived experience is proof that it's possible to reboot and rebuild. 

There’s no better time!

New research shows two-thirds of full-time workers experience burnout on the job. Burnout is so detrimental to employee well-being and productivity that it is now classified as a medical diagnosis. 
The Be Bold Series offers programs to help push past "the circumstances" with renewed resilience. Finally, here's an approach to teaching self-awareness, empathy, reasoned decision making, and growth and change with bottom-line results.  
Looking to make meaning of your experiences and own your story in a cogent way? Tell Your Resilient Story is a powerful guide to achieving massive success and growth.
I can't wait to work with you. 


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