Resilient Leadership For Firms and Legal Teams

Helping Women Attorneys
Stay in the Game

What Is Resilient Leadership?

The purpose of Resilient Leadership is to help rising female members of your team or organization feel more equipped and resilient to push beyond everyday stressors as well as challenges impeding their growth.

Improving lawyer well-being is an increasing priority for the profession and essential for women, in particular, to stay in the game when too many continue to leave at senior levels after having worked tirelessly for years.

The Package

  • A full day to use Nancy Sharp’s expertise for team training, individual coaching, or meeting with the leadership.
  • Keynote and/or lunch-and-learn session for up to 300 attorneys.
  • Select access to the Resilient Leadership online course.
  • Private coaching sessions with team members who want specialized, individual resilience training.

Improve Attorney Well-Being and Resilience Today!

Beyond the Online Course

The online course is just the beginning. Take advantage of Nancy’s full day, deep dive training, and individual coaching to work with your entire team.

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