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Resilient Story

Own your story. Own your life. Leave your mark.

A Self-Guided Online Course

Tell Your Resilient Story is a multi-faceted program that draws on narrative writing and guided autobiography.

Guided Autobiography (GAB) is a method of life story writing created nearly forty years ago by James E. Birren, PhD, an esteemed gerontologist and pioneer in the field of aging. Today, it is adapted to a variety of audiences young and old and fosters self-awareness, empathy, and connection.  

In simplest terms, narrative writing tells a story. Your story.

The idea is to reflect on universal themes such as life events, turning points, career, aging, health, money, creativity, family, and more.

Tell Your Resilient Story is the perfect guide if you’re looking for a meaningful way to reflect deeper on life experiences and leave your mark in the world. Whether writing for yourself or to publish a book, Tell Your Resilient Story will put you on a forward path. No writing experience is necessary.

About Nancy Sharp

Nancy Sharp holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction and is certified instructor in Guided Autobiography. She is a columnist, essayist, blogger, book coach and author. Nancy’s award-winning memoir Both Sides Now: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Bold Living  is an unforgettable portrait of the surprising turns life takes, and the resilience Nancy summoned in order to keep stepping forward. Nancy’s other books include Because the Sky is Everywhere and essays in numerous anthologies.

“Eloquent and fiercely hopeful.”
- Kirkus Reviews

“Nancy Sharp’s honesty and hard-earned wisdom make this book essential reading for anyone facing adversity—which is all of us.”
- Ann Hood, New York Times best-selling author

Additional Books by Nancy Sharp

"I adore Nancy's story because it speaks to something so important to being healthy, which is resilience. Nancy could have become stuck in her sadness but decided to move forward instead. That takes courage, which can be scary, but it can really contribute to the good life."
Dr. Oz

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