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Online Writing Workshops with Nancy Sharp


Everyone has a story to tell. Or two. Or twenty. 

Stories are how we make meaning of life.

Tell Your Resilient Story is the perfect guide if you’re looking to reflect deeper on life experiences and leave your mark in the world.

Stop waiting for the perfect time to get started. There's no better time than now!

Whether writing for yourself or to publish a book, Tell Your Resilient Story will put you on a forward path.
No writing experience necessary. 

Three Options to Tell Your Resilient Story

Let's work together!

Live Guided Autobiography Workshops

8 Sessions

Work in a small group with a maximum 8 students to:

  • Discover your most meaningful moments
  • Assemble pages of your life story 
  • Reconnect generations 
  • Review where you are, where you've been, and where you want to GO! 

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Go at your own pace to: 

  • Get introduced to the concepts and the idea of telling your story
  • Try your hand at three, different guided autobiography prompts focused around the idea of transitions 
  • Discover your motivation to write 

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Let's Talk 1-1

75 minutes

Work with me to:

  • Discuss and distill the story you want to tell 
  • Explore all the possibilities 
  • Map out a game plan
  • Help you start the process
  • Talk "shop" about the writing and publishing process/industry

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About Nancy Sharp

Nancy Sharp holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction from Goucher College and is a certified instructor in Guided Autobiography. Nancy’s prizewinning, bestselling memoir Both Sides Now: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Bold Living is an unforgettable portrait of the surprising turns life takes, and the resilience Nancy summoned in order to keep stepping forward. Nancy is also the author of the picture book Because the Sky is Everywhere. Her work has been published in several essay anthologies, and articles, essays, columns, and letters by her have appeared in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Katie Couric's Wake-Up Call, journals for the American Academy of Psychotherapists and the University of Colorado Hospital’s Center for Bioethics and the Humanities, and elsewhere. Nancy writes a regular column on caregiving and resilience for the Cancer Support Community, and has guest lectured at the Lighthouse Writers Workshop, Regis University's MFA Program, The New School, New York's 92nd Street Y, and to businesses and groups nationwide. 


“Eloquent and fiercely hopeful.”
- Kirkus Reviews

“Nancy Sharp’s honesty and hard-earned wisdom make this book essential reading
for anyone facing adversity—which is all of us.”

- Ann Hood, New York Times bestselling author

Additional Books by Nancy Sharp

"I adore Nancy's story because it speaks to something so important to being healthy, which is resilience. Nancy could have become stuck in her sadness but decided to move forward instead. That takes courage, which can be scary, but it can really contribute to the good life."
Dr. Oz

Tell Your Resilient Story Concept

Nancy Sharp, your expert guide, draws upon Narrative and Expressive Writing and Guided Autobiography.

Narrative Writing tells a story...your story.
Expressive Writing focuses on putting thoughts and feelings into words.
Guided Autobiography is a method of life story telling developed by Dr. James Birren, PhD, where participants in a small group are led through a series of themes and priming questions that evoke memories.

Read here for more on Dr. Birren's legacy. 



  • Increased self-acceptance 

  • Increased confidence 

  • Increased optimism 

  • Increased positive view of others

  • Increased energy and focus  

  • Deeper connection 

  • Reduced stress and anxiety 

  • Overcome fears

  • Higher emotional intelligence skills 

  • Broader perspective   

In Transition?

Discover three prompts to help you move forward.

"Nancy Sharp quite literally helped me walk my book into being. I struggled to write From Sole to Soul: A Daily Prescription for Moving Forward in Your Life for a full decade before working with Nancy. "

Audrey Boxwell, PhD

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